Diabetes & Foot Care

When you have diabetes, it is vital to have regular check-ups with a podiatrist to keep your feet healthy.

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, when the body either does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, or the body is resistant to the effects of insulin.

With diabetes, the blood supply to your feet can be affected. It also means that, if you get any cuts or injuries on your feet, they can take much longer to heal and can get infected. Diabetes can also affect your nerves, causing loss of sensation, meaning you may not feel foot problems until they have developed.

How can we help?

At Hyde Barker Health, we will be with you every step of the way through your diabetes foot health journey. Our in-depth diabetic foot assessments will provide us with an insight into your risk status, and we can suggest suitable, comfy footwear and helpful care advice in addition to examining and caring for your feet.

For appointment bookings and queries, please call us on 01636 815 712

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