Elftman Podotech Force Plate

Analysing balance, gait and performance

Treadmill Facility

Full biomechanical assessments

Off-the-Peg & Bespoke Orthotics

SIDAS Approved medical practitioners

With a dedicated, brand new biomechanics department, we assist people from all walks of life to help improve their quality of life and athletic performance through comprehensive evaluation.

Biomechanics is the application of the laws of mechanics and physics to the human body to gain a greater understanding of athletic performance while walking and running, assessing the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs.

Hyde Barker Health has a unique biomechanics department, dedicated to all forms of activity including walking, running, team sports, skiing and cycling. We have Force Plate Technology to help us to identify pressure problems in the feet, in addition to carrying out gait analysis to determine the best orthotics.

We have one of the largest selections of medical-grade orthotics in the Midlands, and are proud to be a SIDAS approved medical practitioner and work with the Sub4 for prescription of bespoke orthotics.

Hyde Barker Health combines the best of modern orthotic solutions with sound clinical advice for all sports and activities involving movement. Most sports from hiking and running, to skiiing and cycling, can benefit from good orthotics or foot beds. We can adapt most footwear, from running spikes to clip-in cycling shoes and sandals.

Your podiatrist will draw upon a wealth of experience in a variety of sports, including team sports such as rugby, football and tennis. This will allow them to prescribe the most suitable orthotics for you.