Ski Boot Fitting

At Hyde Barker Health, we offer an expert ski boot fitting service to help your feet stay healthy & comfortable on your snowy holidays.

Hyde Barker Health at Southwell now offer expertise and advice with regards to specific ski boot fitting – a new service utilising nearly 30 years of podiatry foot care experience and alpine and ski touring knowledge.

Your ski boots are an investment, the foundation of your set-up that will be with you on the slopes for years to come. So why settle for boots that don’t fit properly? Unlike your regular day-to-day footwear, ski boots require a much higher skill and precision in fitting, and at Hyde Barker Health, we will work with you to find your perfect fit.

Beginning with an assessment of your feet, and the mobility and flexibility of your foot, ankle and calf, we look at your gait or foot movement to identify your needs from your ski boots.

We then make adjustments to your boots to get rid of any spots of discomfort, stretching the shell using a specialised heat machine and adding or removing foam from the liner. We can also provide customised insoles to maximise your comfort and performance, which align your posture and provide extra stability.

This service is by appointment only and is specifically tailored to each person’s ski ability, whether you are a novice skier or an experienced ski tourer looking for a custom fit boot. We have access to the full range of SIDAS equipment for all-round comfort.

To book your ski boot fitting appointment today, please get in touch with the clinic. We look forward to hearing from you and get you skiing with a smile on your face!