Insoles, Orthotics & Footwear

Providing bespoke insoles and orthotics for a wide range of conditions, in addition to comfort and specialised footwear to suit all requirements

If you have a pre-existing injury or pain such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pulled muscles, ankle sprains, stress fractures, ITB syndrome, runner’s knee, patella tendinitis, achilles tenditis, hip or lower back pain or blisters, we can work with you to prevent this from occurring or recurring.

At Hyde Barker Health, we work in partnership with HealthyStep to offer innovative orthotics, insoles and associated products to effectively relieve and prevent these conditions. Orthotics are special inserts designed to go into your shoes, to redistribute pressure and control and improve the function of the feet and legs. They are used to improve performance, increase comfort and reduce injury, working with the shoes to support the foot and body as you walk, run and move.

A biomechanical assessment can determine if your foot and leg function may be improved by wearing an orthotic, which will form part of a wider treatment plan. Some patients may require a combination of therapies, including reassessment of footwear, stretching and strengthening exercises and physiotherapy.

If you have swollen or misshapen feet, we can measure and advise with regard to obtaining the best fit footwear. We do have a small range of specialist in-house orthotic sandals and we have the ability to assist in ordering specialist orthopaedic footwear.