A huge thank you to all of our patients who kindly donated to Phil and Calvert’s charity cycle ride for The Urology Foundation. Cycling 300 miles to the Loire Valley, they raised nearly £2,000 for this fantastic charity who help to treat, cure and prevent all aspects of urological disease.

Beginning on September 19th, the ride was a gruelling challenge for the team of 26 cyclists, with over 21 hours and 547km in the saddle completed in four days! The team set off from the West Steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London and cycled down to Portsmouth before catching the ferry to Caen. Once in France the team cycled down to Le Mans, where they cycled a few laps of the famous Le Mans track, and headed onto the Loire River before finishing the 300 mile cycle in Orlean.

The cycling team consisted of campaigners, researchers, volunteers, fundraisers, patients, doctors and TUF staff members who wanted to help in the fight against urology disease, with the aim of raising a total of £100,000. This money was dedicated to annual research scholarships for all forms of urology disease, as well as funding to train surgeons. With this fund, TUF aimed to help in the improvement of care that hospitals are able to give their patients, and hopefully reduce the mortality rates of individuals diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

“My run in with prostate cancer taught me about the importance of charities who are working hard on behalf of patients like myself. Thanks to the work The Urology Foundation (TUF) did long before my diagnosis, my experience of prostate cancer was far less fraught than it could have been. My excellent surgeon was trained through TUF [and I will forever be grateful…].

Stephen Fry

The Urology Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of people with a urology condition through ground-breaking research and training. Working with researchers, urology and health care professionals we are dedicated to improving the nation’s urology care to ensure that fewer lives will be devastated. Our urology health is vital to our quality of life. But diseases and cancers of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs are becoming more prevalent and devastating the lives of millions of men, women and children in the UK and Ireland.

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