As skiing enthusiasts, we know just how important it is to have a perfectly-fitting, comfortable ski boot. Ski boots feature sophisticated technology to ensure that your feet are kept warm, comfy and dry, protecting them from exposure to the cold, ice and snow – not to mention the sharp edges of your equipment! Connecting directly to your bindings and skis, your ski boots are arguably one of the most important bits of your kit, and there’s nothing worse than having too small or too large boots that get in the way of your skiing experience.

The perfect-fitting ski boot should be very snug with no internal heel or ankle movement, with professionals placing a premium on performance (sometimes buying ski boots a full size smaller than their normal footwear) and casual skiers typically valuing comfort. Whether you’re a professional, regular or first-time skier, your ski boots should fit as snug as possible, matching the size and shape of your feet and calves in addition to your abilities and requirements from your boots. When it comes to getting the right fit in your ski boots, using the skills of a professional boot fitter is a great way to maximise your skiing experience. In comparison to regular footwear, ski boots require a much higher skill and precision in fitting.

The feet of each person are unique to them, and ski boots should be customised to match! When you wear ski boots that fit your skiing style and your foot, your ski boots and skis enter a symbiotic relationship – the energy you generate by flexing your knees and ankles is seamlessly transferred to your skis via your boots for efficiency, comfort and control.

A professional boot fitter can create custom footbeds, created from an imprint of your feet, which add extra stiffness or stability in the right areas to support the foot’s structure, if needed. This controls and supports the foot in a neutral position, reducing leg and foot fatigue and significantly improving stance, balance and control for all skiiers. Custom footbeds replace the basic stock insole in the ski boot, which tends to be a flat, foam sole on the inside of the ski boot liner. In addition, boot fitting services often include heat moulding and stretching the shell to suit the shape of your foot, plus the addition or removal of liner foam to optimise your fit and comfort level.

At Hyde Barker Health, we offer an expert ski boot fitting service to help your feet stay healthy and comfortable on your snowy holidays. We assess your gait or foot movement and identify your needs from your ski boots, in addition to looking at the mobility and flexibility of your foot, ankle and calf. To create the perfect fit for you, we utilise our specialised heat machine and add or remove foam from the liner to get rid of any spots of discomfort, and can also provide customised insoles to maximise your comfort and performance, aligning your posture and providing stability.

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