As a chiropractor, I look at how your body moves and I work out how to fix it, either through hands-on techniques, advice or through exercise. I work a lot with people with back pain, but I am trained to look at your whole body and I often start by looking at your feet.
Believe it or not, yes, your feet can give you back pain!

Our feet are where our bodies touch the floor when standing, walking, running and jumping. If there are issues with the alignment or shock absorption, it can increase the stress travelling up through our bodies. This can irritate the joints and muscles in the lower back and pelvis. If your body is fit and strong, it can take this extra pressure. However, if your body is already sensitive or irritated, or you suddenly start putting a lot more pressure than your body is used to (marathon training or spring gardening are common causes!), pain can occur.

The most common postural problem in the foot is a flat foot, or “overpronation”. This is when your foot rolls inwards. The knee and the hip follow the foot, rotating inwards, putting pressure through the pelvis and spine.

So how can we correct this?

  • “Off the shelf” orthotics which are sold at Hyde Barker Health
  • Custom made orthotics, made by Phil Hyde-Barker
  • Hands-on treatment to your foot, knee hip and lower back
  • Foot, knee, hip or lower back exercises
  • Changes to your lifestyle, such as diet and stress levels

Other issues in the foot that can affect your spine are:

  • Over-supinated feet (very high arches)
  • Weakness of the foot muscles
  • Stiff ankle joints
  • Stiff toe joints, especially the big toe

One of the reasons I love working from Hyde-Barker Health is that we can work together to identify and sort these issues, giving you the best chance for your body to not only recover but thrive, so you can get the most of life.

Written by Katie Scorer of Symmetry Chiropractic

About Katie

Katie Scorer, of Symmetry Chiropractic, works to help the people of Nottingham and Southwell live full lives by maximising the way their bodies move and function.

Katie graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a Master of Chiropractic with merit and has further studied acupuncture, Rock Tape and the care of pregnant women and children. She also has a particular interest in sports chiropractic and has previously acted as the chiropractor for the professional Championship Rugby Union Team, Nottingham Rugby.

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